Red, White and Bake.

The 4th of July is so sweet. We look forward to it every year in our home (so much so, it was brought up in our wedding vows. Seriously). We decorate, dress up, and the spend the day outside. The thing is we do this because we genuinely love America. We genuinely are proud of our country. In a time where people act like every move we make is a disgraceful one, we are grateful for our home. This is not to say that we don’t think there are problems or that we don’t see the injustices that happen, the debt weren’t in, the lives that are hurt and lost. It is just that we also see the freedom that so many will never know. The same freedom we take for granted every day.

My mama always taught me something doesn’t have to be perfect, to be appreciated. So we celebrate. With red white and blue cake and donuts and fireworks and photo shoots and grateful hearts for the land we call home.

Happy (belated) birthday, America.



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