Our tiniest secret

If you missed our latest news we are expecting sweet little baby number 3! We are filled with joy and excitement and little bit of fear 😉

This week we had a sonogram and my sweet family, especially my mama, came together to celebrate with us and tell us the gender of our teeniest tiniest member of our family.

In case you’re unfamiliar with how this works, most doctors want you to have a sonogram around 20 weeks. Some doctors like their patients to have a bunch before and after, others do not. It just depends on the office you’re in. My doctor sends us one time, unless necessary to check on the baby again. You can go to places who specifically only tell you the gender of your baby as early as 15 weeks, or do blood tests etc. We waited until our routinely scheduled sonogram. Once we get in there, we immediately tell the person doing it that if possible, we’d love for them to put our gender in an envelope for us. So she spends the first 20(ish) minutes showing us all the different pieces of our baby and then turns the screen so we can’t see the last part. Then we take the envelope to my momma and she gets to be the first in on our little secret!

Anyway, I felt bad to desire a party for myself, again. If you know my family at all, we are pretty much together every weekend celebrating someone’s birthday or graduation or holiday or baby. But they kept telling me I was being dumb and that they wanted to celebrate us and this little baby. So we decided to go for it.

So we arrived to my mamas a few hours after our sonogram, we don’t mind waiting, but only for a little bit 😉 she had the sweetest little table of treats set up and smoke bombs ready to tell us the gender of our little babe! We went to the park and lit them up. We’re excited and overjoyed at the news of our littlest bundle of joy!

And in case you’re not catching on, it’s another baby GIRL!!!!!

xo, e.

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