Leia Darling

My sweet Leia girl. Somehow 365 have gone by so quickly and yet I can’t imagine a time without you.

February 10, 2017. Your Daddy and I got up early and made our way to the hospital. We had an early appointment to be induced, despite my best efforts to evict you myself, you weren’t having it. 10 days late, we went ahead and moved forward with the induction.

The nurses were annoyed with me as I asked about every single thing they were trying to do. I was annoyed that I had to be induced and they were bothering me. One nurse insisted I take my nose ring out. In case I had to get an emergency C-section, they didn’t want it to get ripped out. (I later realized they would probably want to put a mask on, which makes slightly more sense, but it really put me off at the time.) I was starving and couldn’t eat. I talked about cheese fries from Chili’s on and off pretty much all day. I was just super sassy.

They started pitocin around 9. I sat in bed bitterly for quite some time. My mom and grandma and C insisted I try and walk around, try to get things going. But instead I sat in the bed being sassy. At some point your heart rate slowed down, and they had me put on an oxygen mask. I cried about it, but everyone assured me if they were worried, it wouldn’t just be a mask. That didn’t last long, maybe 30 minutes of having to wear the mask. The sass continued. Eventually I got up, mostly due to hunger, and honestly I was concerned about losing daylight for your picture. I got the ball and bounced around. Things started happening, quickly. I got the epidural. Praise for the drugs. And sweet Leia you came pretty quickly after that. I pushed for only a few minutes and there you were. I got to leave your cord attached for a while and when it was time to cut it, I got to do it myself. You laid on my chest and time stood still.

Everyone came to see you. Your grandparents brought Lukey to come see you. Brian and Alyssa brought two orders of cheese fries from Chili’s, I didn’t even offer them to anyone else. I just scarfed them down right there before they even moved our rooms.

We moved from the delivery room to the recovery room. My mom and Nana and your Daddy moved all the furniture in the room so we could take the cutest pictures of you. We brought balloons and party hats and just really soaked in your first birthday. The nurses were laughing at me and I didn’t even care. It was exactly how I wanted your special day to be.

We got to home so quickly the next day. The nurses were so kind to us and really tried to get us home as early as possible. They had me model you, and my going home outfit, around the hallway and I felt like a million bucks with my baby girl. We got home and my momma, your Lolli, and your tiny aunts, had decorated our front door with balloons and signs. It was just so sweet and we felt so loved.

Leia Darling, your birth story is simple and sweet. I am so grateful for how boring it was, and how perfect you are. You have changed our worlds with your dainty way, your toothy little smile and your love to snuggle. The way you suck your thumb, have your leg kicked right up by your ear at all times and have loved sleep since you were 9 weeks old reminds us of how laid back and gentle spirited you really are. We love you more than you can ever know, baby girl. Happy, happy Birthday Leia Darling.

xo, e.

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