Sprinkled with love


This weekend my family threw me the cutest party to celebrate the newest baby Crane. It always amazes me the time and effort and attention to detail they spend to love on my little family. I just realized in the last four years my mom has thrown us an engagement party, a bridal shower, a wedding, 3 gender reveal parties, and 3 baby showers! Each one special and thoughtful and perfect.

This party they played on the word “sprinkle” instead of a “shower,” because three babies in three years leaves you with lots of baby stuff, but they still wanted to celebrate our newest baby and love on us. How stinking sweet! I am so grateful for my mom and the rest of my family and the way they love and celebrate each moment with us. I am also can’t believe all the people who come to every single party. I married into the most incredible family who shows up to every single party and loves on us with such intention and thoughtfulness. I have a handful of sweet friends who have showed up since we were in middle school, who are still coming to all our silly parties and excited for each new chapter. We are feeling so spoiled and loved on and as prepared as we can be to add another member to this crazy bunch!

Thank you to everyone who has celebrated with us.

xo, e.





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