Awaiting Baby


I’ve had multiple people ask me today, “When is your due date?” Saying “Thursday,” instead of weeks, months or just a far away date makes it feel so real. Any day now we will be holding our sweet baby girl, bringing her home to her siblings who already adore her, to her room we so thoughtfully prepared for her, to her life. We are excited and nervous and still can’t believe it.

My prayer for this baby is that she is strong and determined, like her daddy; that she is confident in who she is and who’s she is, like her mama. I pray that she realizes how incredibly lucky she is to have parents who love her and have invested their hearts in her since before she was in our arms. I pray she recognizes and takes advantage of the incredible wisdom and example she has surrounding her. I pray she comes to know the Lord early, and that her testimony can be described as “boring.” I pray that people will recognize something different in her heart, her smile, her light, and that it would be the tenderness of the Holy Spirit. I pray she is not changed by ways of this world, but rather that she changes the ways of this world. I pray that as she grows, her relationship with the Lord, with me and C, and with her siblings will flourish.

I am so grateful for the last 39 weeks and 2 days of just the two of us getting to know each other, but I can’t wait to see what happens when she joins us on this side of things.

About two weeks ago, my incredible dad took some time to document this precious season in our lives, and I am just so so grateful for these pictures. It is so special getting to carry my babies, and I don’t ever want to take even on second for granted. Every flutter, every kick, every hiccup is exciting and surreal. I don’t why the Lord picked me and trusted me to carry these babies and be their mama, but  I am so grateful He did. We can’t wait to know you, baby girl.

xo, e.

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