The lifeless.


Yesterday, New York voted to legalize abortion until a baby is born. As I scrolled screw threw Facebook and Instagram today, I saw one mention of it. ONE. I’m baffled. Why are we not more upset about this? Why is there not outrage? Why are we not crying for these babies? Sick over their deaths? It’s evil, just pure evil.

In what scenario is this acceptable? I don’t understand being for abortion, at any point under any circumstance. I don’t. But at 6 months pregnant? 7,8,9 months pregnant? A baby as young as 22 weeks can survive outside of the womb. I watched my hero and my best friend deliver a baby just under that. He was fully formed, and fit in the size of a hand. We all cried as we looked at him. His tiny hands, itty bitty ears and the tiniest little nose you ever saw. He was perfect and lifeless.

Just a few months before that, we had all been in the hospital holding the sweetest baby boy. He never took a breath on this side, but he was undeniably a person. He weighed just a few pounds less than my Luke did. He had eyebrows and hair covering his head. His body was perfect and whole, and not a thing was wrong, accept his heart had stopped beating. As I held him, I was sure he would start to cry. I think we all were. But we buried him.

What a slap in the face to these women, these families. Who have ached for their arms to be filled, who have longed for children. These women who delivered and held their lifeless babies are now being told it really wasn’t a baby, it didn’t count as a life lost, at all.

In what way is this justified? Honestly? How, at 7, 8, 9 months pregnant is it acceptable to end the life inside of you? After they’ve been squirming around in there? When they could live on their own? When your belly is full? These babies have personalities already. They hear you. Even people who don’t claim Christianity have mercy on babies. How is this justified in anyone’s eyes?

I’m truly sick about it. My heart is just so heavy today. This is a barbaric, evil place that we can so easily celebrate and push for more slaughtering of innocent lives.

The only peace in all of this is the hope we have in Jesus. He holds the babies and the broken mamas. He brings redemption and restoration in the darkest of places. He cares about the aborted and the aborters. What a gift to be known by Him.

Clinging to my babies extra tight. Thankful for life.

xo, e.




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