Womanhood is a beautiful gift. We are created with such intention. We have all of these qualities in us that make us special. And yet, we live in a world where society has told us that women only have value if we are treated the same as men. The qualities that make us different are looked at as a hindrance, a problem, something to be ashamed of, or old-fashioned. Feminism claims to be embracing womanhood, while in reality, stripping it of just that. My mama always demonstrated a beautiful picture of what being a woman looks like. She showed me that being a woman can mean having self-respect, passions and intelligence, a willingness to work hard, and a belief that my most important job is to serve my God, love + respect my husband, and intentionally raise my children. My hope here is that we celebrate the differences that we were so intentionally and thoughtfully given. I hope to share the example and wisdom of what my mama taught me about being a mother, a wife, a woman. So lets start truly embracing what it means to be a woman, and take feminism back.